The Successful Sales Manager's Handbook v2

As a sales manager, you know that leading a sales team can be both rewarding and challenging.

You’re responsible for driving revenue and meeting targets, but you also need to motivate and coach your team members.

The Successful Sales Manager’s Handbook is a comprehensive guide to help you develop the essential skills needed to lead your team to success.

Sales Alliance

Who we are…

Sales leaders often don’t have peers to turn to for support. At the Sales Alliance we provide support through guided intervision group sessions to help you grow your career.

Our Sales Coaches

Karin Muller

  • Sales Coach
  • Senior Social Seller
  • +10 years LinkedIn Trainer

Marc van Waasbergen

  • Technical product management
  • Technisch Sales Support
  • +10 years LinkedIn Consultant
Sales Manager training

Jointhe Round Table session

This session is free and our investment on our relation.

Disclaimer: We manually review your application as you have to fit the group.

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