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Each Round Table focuses on a different subject. We discuss how to motivate your team, increase results, underperforming team members, and more. 

Together we talk about different approaches to solve common issues you and other Sales Leaders face.

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Round Table 7 December (EN)

How are you ensuring that you stay innovative and up to date? There are always new developments in sales and this can be tiring or inspiring. How do you discuss this with your team? Bring your ideas and discuss with other Sales Leaders!

   Inspiring peer-group roundtable

 During our sessions   you get…

  • A knowledge session with a Q&A
  • Practical tips with Peer-to-Peer discussion
  • Closure with a future perspective

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The success of your sales team determines the success of your entire company.

Because without new customers and new deals, your business will stagnate.

Your role as Sales Leader is invaluable in directing and inspiring your team members to get the best out of themselves.

A motivated sales team can make the difference between mediocre performance and an extremely successful sales organization.

What’s the right way? There is no better place to discover this than at the Sales Alliance.

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Marc van Waasbergen

  • Technical product management
  • Technisch Sales Support
  • +10 jaar LinkedIn Consultant

Karin Muller

  • Sales Coach
  • Senior Social Seller
  • +10 jaar LinkedIn Trainer
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