Sales Alliance

The Peer Group for Sales Leaders

During our intervision group you discuss challenges and novel ideas with like-minded peers, helping you reach targets and excel in your career. 

Sales leader peer group

Right now

  • A lot is expected from you, but you don’t have the tools you need to succeed. Your professional development, as a leader, is often overlooked.

  • You don’t have a group of like-minded peers to discuss challenges and brainstrom with. Which can feel lonely.


  • Your calendar is overflowing and you don’t have the time to develop yourself professionally and personally.

Just 3 steps to professional growth

Step 1

Research our program. Let us explain how it works, what the benefits are and hear from those that are already part of the Sales Alliance.

Step 2

Attend an information session. We invite you to one of our online sessions. Meet the team and see if the program fits you!

Step 3

Sign up and grow! The final but most important step that will excellerate your professional and personal growth.


Become a part of a curated intervision group. Together you share your perspectives and help eachother become a better sales leader, make better decisions and support your sales team more. Under supervision and support of the Sales Alliance.

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